Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things I Love: Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Music Video

I'm not going to be silly enough to call this Lady GaGa's best video without giving it time to settle. What I am going to call it is Lady GaGa's most artistically ambitious video. It achieves an almost Lynchian level of surrealism and outright weirdness. The video shows GaGa at her most human, at her most alien, at her sweetest and her darkest. It's the only video where I've seen GaGa appear as what might be close to a human (Not exactly a criticism or compliment.)

It's a work of genius, and it amplifies the song it belongs to. There's not one doubt in my mind that these are the best music videos since Fincher. (Excepting of course Sophie Muller's work, which is right about where this is.)

And this isn't even an artist at the peak of her career. There's much, much more to go.

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