Monday, November 2, 2009

Actress of the Day: Gemma Arterton

The amazingly beautiful Gemma Arterton.

Best known for being the hotter Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace, she was also in the guilty pleasure-film St. Trinians.

A quick gander at IMDB shows these things being lined up for the actress:

  • the love interest in Prince of Persia, bizarrely directed by Mike Newell.
  • The lead in Tamara Drewe, the next Stephen Frears project which looks promising.
  • Io in Clash of the Titans. No idea whether this is going to be a big role or not.
  • The St. Trinian's sequel.
Out of all of these, Tamara Drewe looks like the best shot for a chance at stardom.

She's also like, kind of really pretty!

For Gemma Arterton's official future wife.

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  1. omg she so was hotter than the othere bond girl...yum i love me some fire