Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Introduction

I've had a blog before, I'm not gonna lie. I've tried to put posts on it on a regular basis.

And royally, royally failed.

So I'm getting back on the saddle and trying again. A few of my friends are into this interweb things, and all the YouTubes and Twitters and shit. So it's time for me to try again.

What you can expect to find here, soon:

  • Film reviews. Lots and lots.
  • Daily features. I'm thinking of, like, Actress of the Day?
  • Video reviews. Because I think I have the technology!
  • Musings on pop culture, media and shit.
  • Things on games. Because occasionally I play the video games that these young kids are doing.
  • Photos. Lots and lots of photos.
So stick around! Or don't. Tell your friends about me!

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